Giving Bath to Certosino – Enjoying along with Shower Bluetooth Speaker

Certosino_bathWanna try out your vocal chord by singing along your favorite music collection while taking a shower with your Certosino? As for me, it has become a habit to sing-along some of my favorite tunes while taking a shower. It was not fun at all initially. It was more like how to bath your cat without bloodshed. Now we both enjoy our bath with some cool waterproof bluetooth speakers.

Having the Right Equipments is a Must

I like to get things ready for the bathing session including all the equipments ready for bathing your cat. Things that I keep close to me are cat towel, shampoo, brush, rubber mat and powder. Of course, we also listen to music as we bath.

Certosino-in-bath1It all started when I was gifted the Crazzie Captain C6 Bluetooth speaker by a friend of mine on my birthday. After few months of use, I can’t thank him enough for such a wonderful gift. Denim (my cat) loves it too, and it is a myth that cats don’t like water and they’d die if we bath them.

This Bluetooth speaker is a small sized model that can fit comfortably in your pocket, which makes it very portable. The dimension of the speaker is 3.43 x 1.77 x 3.74 inches and weighs only 5.36 ounces. It is powered by a 5 watt high frequency speaker for clear audio sound. The audio sound quality is quite ok for me, comparing to the size of the speaker. The battery life of the speaker is also great that I can play music 5 hours at full volume, which is sure to last much longer at lower volume. Surprisingly, this pocket-sized speaker is also rich in features, which are mentioned below.

Take Calls Directly from the Speaker

I like this feature that it enables me to take calls directly from the speaker without touching my phone. I just pair it with my smartphone, leave the phone safely in my room, and take the speaker with me to the bathroom. If you receive any important calls while taking a shower, you can answer it with a press of a button.

Tough as well as Rough

I would like to call it tough as well as rough because the speaker is designed to withstand water splash or light rain/shower. This means that the speaker will work just fine even when water splashes over it while taking a shower. The body is also tough that it can withstand scratch or accidental fall.

Dual Connectivity

You can pair or connect the speaker with other audio devices by using two technologies. One is by using Bluetooth technology for Bluetooth enabled devices, and the other one is through 3.5 mm audio cable. This dual connectivity feature will enable you to connect the speaker with more devices.

Serves Best as Shower Speaker

Considering the size, features, portability and design, this speaker serve best as a shower speaker for me. The audio output is rich and clear that I can sing-along to my favorite song as I shower.

Other than using it as a shower speaker, this speaker will serve equally good for- bed-time music, connecting with your laptop to increase the sound or volume while watching video or playing games,  while in the kitchen cooking, personal music, etc.

Induction Cooking Technology is Safe for Pets

I’m Always apprehensive for my pet cats while they are in the kitchen and I’m cooking. Electrical or gas cooking it not always safe for your pets especially cats. They are curious creatures who love to inspect what you cook. Often they get themselves burn while checking out dishes on the gas or electrical burner. This is one of the reason why I moved to Induction cooking and cooktops.


The advancing modern technologies do not forget the importance of kitchen in our lives. As such, much importance has been given in producing new kitchen appliances that can simplify work at kitchen. As a result, most of the kitchen appliances in our home are now electrical appliances or gadgets that does have of our household chores.

Induction cooktop is one good example on how modern technology has upgraded our kitchen, especially cooking. Unlike the traditional cooking methods available, induction cooktop offers more technology features and made cooking easier, faster, safer, and more convenient.

The energy efficiency and heat consistency, sleek and innovative design, rich technology features and user friendliness is what made induction cooking the most ideal choice for cooking.

The three induction cooktops noted below are my pick from the many induction cooktops available at the present market due to their innovative design, features and unequalled functionality. Click here for some of the best induction cooktop and cookware reviews presently available in the market.

BergHOFF 1810027

  • This single burner induction cooktop has auto pan detection feature and shuts down automatically when the pan is taken down.
  • The integrated Safety Warning feature will be a good feature for moms who are worried about the safety of their kids.
  • Consistent and efficient energy supply will help cook any kinds of food and also save money.
  • Built-in timer with up to 150 minutes is a bonus for busy moms.
  • Instant start up and cools down quickly.
  • Easy to clean and user friendly.


  • Control lock feature to prevent accidental command.
  • This induction cooktop has five burners of different size for cooking for convenient and fast cooking.
  • This Cooktop provides 19 Control Settings and guarantee accurate heat control for perfect cooking result.
  • Cleaning and taking of this cooktop is quite quick and convenient because of the stainless steel finish and glass top.
  • The LCD display and power level indicator makes it effortless to control and function.
  • The control area is located at the front centre, which makes it comfy while handling the control settings.
  • The metallic glass ceramic surface makes it look elegant and easily cleanable.

Bosch NIT 3065 UC

  • Anti-Overheat Method and built-in Countdown Cooking timer for safety and convenience.
  • There is a Speedboost feature which will assist people to prepare or cook food faster when required.
  • This cooktop has four heating elements that have different control settings.
  • The Keep Warm feature of this cooktop is very helpful as it will enable you to keep the food in your preferred temperature.
  • There is a Heat Indicator that will alert you when the cooktop is hot as a result of food spills or other problems.
  • User friendly is another reason why this cooktop is the No1 choice for many.